Romance Movies

1994, Comedy, Romance Friends
Forrest Gump
1994, Romance, Drama Forrest Gump
Life Is Beautiful
1997, Comedy, Romance, Drama Life Is Beautiful
Downton Abbey
2010, Romance, Drama Downton Abbey
1942, Romance, Drama, War Casablanca
Pride and Prejudice
1995, Romance, Drama Pride and Prejudice
Modern Family
2009, Comedy, Romance Modern Family
City Lights
1931, Comedy, Romance, Drama City Lights
This Is Us
2016, Comedy, Romance, Drama This Is Us
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2004, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Good Will Hunting
1997, Romance, Drama Good Will Hunting
2001, Comedy, Romance Amélie
How I Met Your Mother
2005, Comedy, Romance How I Met Your Mother
1958, Romance, Mystery, Thriller Vertigo
Singin' in the Rain
1952, Comedy, Romance, Musical Singin' in the Rain
The Apartment
1960, Comedy, Romance, Drama The Apartment
2014, Romance, Drama, Fantasy Outlander
Some Like It Hot
1959, Comedy, Romance, Music Some Like It Hot
The Big Bang Theory
2007, Comedy, Romance The Big Bang Theory
The Secret in Their Eyes
2009, Romance, Drama, Mystery The Secret in Their Eyes
Gone with the Wind
1939, Romance, Drama, History Gone with the Wind
Before Sunrise
1995, Romance, Drama Before Sunrise
Slumdog Millionaire
2008, Romance, Drama Slumdog Millionaire
Groundhog Day
1993, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy Groundhog Day
2013, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi Her
That '70s Show
1998, Comedy, Romance That '70s Show
Wild Strawberries
1957, Romance, Drama Wild Strawberries
The Graduate
1967, Comedy, Romance, Drama The Graduate
Annie Hall
1977, Comedy, Romance Annie Hall
2000, Comedy, Romance Coupling
Before Sunset
2004, Romance, Drama Before Sunset
1940, Romance, Drama, Mystery Rebecca
College Romance
2018, Comedy, Romance, Drama College Romance
In the Mood for Love
2000, Romance, Drama In the Mood for Love
Edward Scissorhands
1990, Romance, Drama, Fantasy Edward Scissorhands
It Happened One Night
1934, Comedy, Romance It Happened One Night
The Handmaiden
2016, Romance, Drama, Thriller The Handmaiden
Three Colors: Red
1994, Romance, Drama, Mystery Three Colors: Red
Roman Holiday
1953, Comedy, Romance Roman Holiday
The Artist
2011, Comedy, Romance, Drama The Artist
2018, Comedy, Romance, Drama Flames
Let the Right One In
2008, Romance, Drama, Horror Let the Right One In

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