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Revenge of the Pontianak

Revenge of the Pontianak 2019

imdb 5.1 180

1965, Malaysia. A small village helps Khalid and Siti prepare for their wedding day. Soon after, a great darkness falls upon the village as a string of horrific deaths and supernatural happenings create widespread fear and paranoia amongst the villagers. The events force a confession from Khalid to a murder of a girl he made pregnant years before, now believed to have returned as a Pontianak. To kill this vengeful vampire, he rallies all the men of the village and sets out into the jungle to hunt her down. But can the village stop her?

Runtime: 92
Genres: Romance, Horror
Starts: Nur Fazura, Remy Ishak, Hisyam Hamid, Shenty Felizaina
Director: Glen Goei, Gavin Yap

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